3 Reasons to Invest in a Home Pond Fountain

Homeowners with ponds on their property often install fountains in order to create interest and beauty. Many opt for kasco fountains capable of creating elegant effects. Some clients choose aerating fountains that add oxygen to water, which improves its quality. The water features also ensure that ponds are healthy environments where pond life can thrive.

Fountains Add Elegance and Interest

Installing a fountain in a pond creates an elegant water feature that improves the landscape. Decorative fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be adapted to create custom effects. Many homeowners choose products capable of producing a variety of eye-catching patterns. Owners just need to adjust fountain nozzles in order to change patterns and create entirely new looks. They can also order light kits to create dazzling displays. Operating fountains is very affordable, since they are controlled by energy-efficient electric pumps.

Water Quality Is Greatly Improved

Fountains are practical as well as decorative. They aerate ponds as water columns jet into the air. That means they increase water oxygen levels. Some fountains are specifically designed for aeration, but even decorative models increase oxygen transfer. As fountains pull water up and pump it into the air, water is also destratified, a process which breaks up stratified layers of debris that typically settle in ponds. Even the splash back from the oxygen rich columns of water encourages healthy bacteria to grow and degrade sludge. Circulating water also prevents ponds from becoming stagnant and that reduces the insect population. In fact, many homeowners add fountains because they are worried about insect-related threats like the Zika virus.

Ponds Become Healthier Environments

The increased oxygen levels created by fountains make water much healthier for fish and other life forms. The routine circulation prevents oxygen depletion that can make it hard for life forms to thrive, or even survive. Splashing water decreases the algae population by forcing growths under the water, where they cannot get sunshine. Fountains also minimize excess nutrients that algae feed on.

The beautiful pond fountains on many properties are often used to create dazzling effects. Homeowners also install them in order to improve water quality. In addition, fountains increase the oxygen that is essential for maintaining healthy pond life.


Author: s3m4ng4t