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Tips for Purchasing Quality Pork

Pork is nutritious and tasty. Nowadays, many people are consuming pork due to its high nutrient value. Nonetheless, not many people know how to purchase quality pork. For you to have a delicious pork meal you will have to buy quality pork. Outlined are tips to shopping for quality pork.

Read the Product Label

It is advisable to go through the product label, before buying pork. Typically, a label gives information about a product. By reading the label, you will obtain important information about the pork you want to buy. You will, for example, find out the expiration date of the pork. Avoid buying pork products that are almost reaching their expiration dates. A label also describes the type of pork cuts in a pack. Therefore, by reading the label, you will be able to pick the type of pork chops you want. In addition to expiration dates, and types of pork cuts, labels also give information about nutritional value. You should buy pork that has your preferred nutritional content.

Touch, Look, and Smell the Pork

Having a look at the product label is not enough. You also have to touch, look, and smell the pork pieces. By closely examining the pork, you can find out if it has a thick layer of fat. Extremely fatty pork cuts are yucky. Thus, you should make sure that the pork you buy does not have excess fat. Determining the appearance of the pork will help you to know whether it is fresh or not. Fresh pieces are often reddish or pinkish in color. Feeling and smelling the pork can also help you to determine if it is fresh or not. Fresh pork cuts should not have a slippery feel. The pork cuts should also not have a bad smell.

The Pork Dealer

When buying pork cuts, you need to consider the pork supplier. A certified pork supplier should possess the required permits. It is not wise to buy pork from an unlicensed retailer since you may end up purchasing uninspected pork cuts. Qualified dealers should also have proper preservation equipment. You may end up purchasing spoilt pork pieces if you buy from a retailer that uses ineffective preservation methods. Additionally, a dealer must also observe high standards of hygiene. Purchasing contaminated pork can cause serious health issues. You can only enjoy your pork meal if you buy quality pork cuts. You can purchase quality pork cuts from the Smithfield Company.

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