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How to Maintain Parking Lots

We all know the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it applies to almost anything including the facilities in parking areas, which means that if you do not want it to deteriorate quickly and if you want to protect your investment from it, you have to make sure that you maintain it properly. The reason why this solution is the most ideal one is simply because at a reasonable price, it can already help in maximizing the life of the parking lot’s pavement and reduce risk at the same time.

When a pavement is showing signs of wear and tear like deterioration on its surface, raveling, and cracking, you have to carry out the steps that are necessary in preventing further damage and mitigating risk since these are part in keeping up with the maintenance that you should do for you parking area.

If you want to show a positive image for your business or company, you should take into consideration using commercial facilities for your parking area. Once you use such facilities, it is not only the image of your company that will improve, but its curb appeal as well, and it can even protect your investment.
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Since it is very important to properly maintain your property’s parking area, you should take into account some of the most common services that are provided by commercial facilities maintenance companies and they are listed below.
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1. Seal Coating: When seal coating is used, it helps protect the asphalt from the damaging effects of extreme weather conditions and certain products that are petroleum-based such as oil and gasoline. The most ideal base sealer are the ones that have commercial grade coal-tar emulsion since they are able to meet, and even exceed, the federal specifications and standards of coating.

2. Striping: There are a number of ways that can be used in order to make sure that your parking lot safely and efficiently direct traffic and one of the most ideal ways is to use striping. For the reason that it does not make the sealer bleed through and look messy and ugly, the striping paint that you should use must be latex type.

3. Asphalt Repairs: As time passes, asphalt surfaces will begin to wear and eventually break down due to repetitive exposure to different elements such as chemicals, water, and sunlight, that is why it would be best to ensure that asphalt repairs are done occasionally. One of the reasons of asphalt wear and tear is when its liquid portion that binds the other materials together starts losing its natural resistance to water, resulting such materials to penetrate under the surface. As a consequence, the pavement can instantly suffer from a number of various deterioration types such as pot holes, cracks, raveling, and others. Hence, take into account having repairs and prevention services for your asphalt pavement to increase its surface longevity.


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